Dry Cleaner Bellmore

Dry Cleaner BellmoreAre you seeking a professional Dry Cleaner Bellmore? Are you expecting guests in your home and feel a rush of stress to complete the task of cleaning all of your linens? Perhaps there are stains on your linens that you are unsure will be able to be removed.

Town & Country is here to help. We’re the dry cleaning experts in Bellmore New York! Our team works tirelessly to serve our communities and make sure your clothing and linens are treated with the utmost attention and care.

Attention to detail is our number one priority! Whether you come down to the shop or take advantage of our delivery/free-pick up services, you can rest assured that your items are safe in our hands.

As your dry cleaner Bellmore, we have the proper tools and methods to assist you in removing all stains, without damaging or altering your fabrics whatsoever. Our knowledgable, trained staff has the proper techniques, whether you are seeking professional dry cleaning or meeting a time sensitive requirement.

Our list of procedures below ensures that your clothing items are in good hands at all times through the cleansing process, in an organized fashion.

What to Expect from a Quality Bellmore Dry Cleaner

Any item you entrust with us is tagged with an identification number. Tagging ensures that your clothes are returned to you and no mishaps can occur! Before your clothing or linens are cleaned, all items are inspected for things you may have left in your pockets, rips, tears, and missing buttons. These items are then returned to you and problems are noted as issues known before cleaning has taken place.

Bellmore NY Dry CleanersWe can also alter anything you may need. As part of the inspection process, your cleaner checks for stains on every fabric and treats them before the solvent cleaning process. If you know what has caused a specific stain, it is extremely helpful to tell the cleaner beforehand to get the most comprehensive results towards your stain removal process.

Soiled clothes are loaded into a large drum machine and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. The clothes are gently agitated in the solution which causes soils to loosen. The solvent is then drained, filtered, and recycled and the clothes are rinsed in a fresh solvent solution to flush away any soil remnants.

Free Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery in Bellmore

The dry cleaning process works amazingly to remove oil-based stains thanks to our specific chemical solvents! However, other types of stains are not always removed effectively with this method, so we take care of all garments by treating them with steam, water, or even a vacuum, after the fact, to remove any remaining traces of stains.

The final step includes getting the garment ready to wear. This includes steaming and pressing out wrinkles, reattaching buttons, or making any repairs you may require. Items are then hung or folded to return to you. The plastic bags we provide are only to help you transport your clothing home without any risk of additional stains. It’s important to take the bag off right away, so not to risk further damage to your clothes from trapped moisture.

Now that you know about our dry cleaning process, contact our Dry Cleaner Bellmore professionals today to get started. Ask about our free pick-up and delivery services! Town & Country has two locations in Massapequa: 516-308-3665 and Rockville Center: 516-308-3665. Check out our user-friendly website for our hours: https://www.welovedrycleaning.com/ Make your appointment with us today!