Dry Cleaner Garden City

Dry Cleaner Garden City

At Town & Country, we are the dry cleaning experts of Massapequa and Rockville Center! If you live in the area and are seeking a comprehensive and efficient dry cleaner Garden City for all of your garments, Town & Country is the place to go.

If you have an interview coming up, we want you to look and feel your absolute best! Our team of skilled dry cleaners are able to freshen up your home, wardrobe, or if you are expecting guests and in need of cleaning your linens in a timely manner, this is what we do. Perhaps there are stains on your garments that just will not budge. Our team has the tools to remove any stain you may have, take great care, and get your items back to you as swiftly as possible.

Attention to detail is our number one priority and expertise at Town & Country! Whether there are stains, rips, tears, or missing buttons, we’ve got you covered in altering your garments back to their original state.

As your dry cleaner Garden City, we know our methods and machinery will never damage your fabrics whatsoever. Our knowledgable, trained staff has the proper techniques, whether you are seeking professional dry cleaning or meeting a time sensitive requirement.

We begin by tagging your garments with an identification number. Tagging ensures that your garments are returned to you, without any mistakes. We then inspect your garments for any issues that may need tending to, which will all be noted before you pick up your dry cleaning. As the stain pre-treatment process begins, we search for stains before cleaning with a solvent solution.

We encourage our clients to give us the backstory of any stains, if they are aware of how it was acquired. It’s super helpful for your dry cleaner Garden City to be able to pick a specifically suited solution to your stain, providing you with the highest quality results. After the soiled clothing is loaded into our large drum cleaners, our chemical solvents gently wash away any soil remaining on your garments. The solvent is drained, filtered and recycled to re-rinse your clothing, leaving them fresh and flushing away remaining stains.

There are a plethora of methods geared towards your specific stains and fabric types. You can trust that our crew has the knowledge and expertise to produce the best results when you come to pick up your garments. We finish the process by treating with steam, water, or even a vacuum to ensure all traces soil have vanished. We then steam, press out wrinkles, reattach any buttons if necessary, make repairs, bag up or fold your laundry, and alert you for in-store pickup.

(You also have the option of free pick up and delivery options! Give our Rockville Center location a call to inquire 516-678-1466 or check out our website! https://www.welovedrycleaning.com/) Make an appointment with us today! We are your dry cleaner Garden City for all of your professional dry cleaning needs.