Dry Cleaner Jericho

Dry Cleaner Jericho

Whether you’re heading out to an interview, having guests over in your home, need stain removal, or just want your clothing and linens washed properly with great care, Town & Country dry cleaner Jericho is thorough, precise, and a space where you can trust your items are receiving the best dry cleaning care.

Your dry cleaner should be clear, communicative, and concise when pre-treating your linens or clothing. You can’t go just anywhere! That’s why at the first sight of any fabric tears, we fix up anything that needs tending so you can get out there looking and feeling your most confident and accommodate your guests with the best of the best.

Serving Nassau County, we handle all of your dry cleaner Jericho needs at two convenient locations, Massapequa & Rockville Center. If you live in the area and are seeking a comprehensive dry cleaning for all of your favorite garments, come in and make an appointment with us today! We have many regular clients whom we consider family that look to us for all of their dry cleaning routines.

If you’re seeking a dry cleaning to take place in a timely manner due to your busy schedule, we know life can get hectic sometimes. Whether work, school, or play, you want peace of mind that all of your garments are prepared for the days to come – while still keeping on schedule with your routines. We remove one stressful factor in the mix by assisting you however we can with your dry cleaning, even if that means popping by the office to drop it off for you.

We offer delivery services to your home or other location, in addition to free pick up. With attention to detail and great time management, we know at Town & Country we will provide the most efficient dry cleaning experience that aids in making your busy schedule much smoother and worth sticking to.

Our stain removal and cleansing process is followed by pressing out wrinkles, making alterations to torn fabric or buttons and precise steaming of your clothing and linens. We take great care to keep all of your fabrics fresh and in-tact, no matter how intensely embedded a stain is. We’ve got you covered and always protect your items when they are returned to you, to avoid any additional worries about stains.

At Town & Country, we provide excellent cleaning services with affordability in mind. As a community, it is our job to work together and for each other, especially in these crucial times, so we truly go above and beyond to bring you select specials on dry cleaning for both garments and household items. Check back regularly on our website for the latest deals we have to offer. https://www.welovedrycleaning.com/.

Let Town & Country handle all of your dry cleaner Jericho needs so you can keep on keeping on, stress free. Call our Massapequa 516-308-3665 or Rockville Center 516-678-1466 locations to inquire about appointments or cleaning processes. We can answer all of your questions!