Dry Cleaner Massapequa Park

Dry Cleaner Massapequa Park

If you have an interview or gathering coming up, we want you to look and feel your absolute best! Town & Country are the dry cleaner Massapequa Park experts in your area!

Our team of skilled dry cleaners are able to dry clean delicate fabrics, special occasion dresses, freshen up your home or wardrobe, and clean your linens in a timely manner if you are expecting guests in your home. This is what we do!

Perhaps there are stains on your garments that just will not budge. Our team has the tools and techniques to remove any stain, provide stellar garment care, and get your items back to you in their best possible state, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our number one priority at Town & Country?: Attention to detail! Whether there are rips, tears, missing buttons or stains, our skilled team of cleaners have got you covered! As your dry cleaner Massapequa Park, we know our methods and machinery will never damage your fabrics, no matter how caked on a stain may be. We provide the proper cleaning solutions, whether you are seeking professional dry cleaning or meeting a time sensitive requirement, bring your clothing to Town & Country!

We encourage all of our clients to give us some insight in regards to any stains beforehand if they are aware of how the stain was acquired. It’s super helpful for your dry cleaner to be able to identify the cause and create the perfect solvent solution to remedy your stain. All garments are then tagged and kept track of, so to never misplace your dry cleaning.

From laundering your shirts to dry cleaning special occasion outfits, restoring wedding dressings and more, trust our expert cleaners with your dry cleaning needs. We love seeing the looks on our clients’ faces when they see the fresh results of their dry cleaning.

Specialty Items & Leather Care

We even clean and refinish your leather goods for you, giving your special items the care and attention that they deserve but may not receive very often.


Whether you need your pants hemmed, suit resized, or a zipper replaced, Town & Country can assist you with any alterations, steaming and wrinkle pressing afterward as we return your items, making them look brand new.


Town & Country understands our clients’ needs. Special requests are always noted and fulfilled! The level of communication between Town & Country and those that we serve in our community is unmatched. You will always be notified of any alterations and when your laundry is finished and ready for pick up.

You can trust that our crew has the knowledge and expertise to produce the best results when you come to get your garments. Contact us today to discuss our free laundry pick-up and drop off services to make a hectic lifestyle just a little bit easier!

Make your appointment with us today! Call our dry cleaner Massapequa Park 516-308-3665 or Rockville Center 516-678-1466 locations to inquire about appointments or cleaning processes. We can answer all of your questions and tend to any stains or alterations you need, concisely and with ease.