Dry Cleaner Massapequa

Dry Cleaner Massapequa

Have you ever been told by the cleaners, “Oh, your item seems to be missing – give me a couple of days to check on that.” Our team of professionals at Town & Country ensure that every single piece of your order is tagged and accounted for! We take dry cleaning seriously, producing outstanding results that go above and beyond our competitors.

We know that you can’t afford to lose any articles of clothing, especially when you have a busy schedule to tend to or a meeting at the office that is time-sensitive! Along with an organized tagging system, we have state of the art machinery that can truly remove any stain you’ve been dealing with.

Allow us to assist you in all of your dry cleaner Massapequa needs. From thorough cleanings to alterations, stain removal and hanging or folding of special fabrics, we take the greatest care possible to protect your household items and keep you on track with your beautiful, bustling life.

Upon your first drop off (or if you take advantage of our pick up services), we analyze your fabric to make sure we don’t miss any loose ends or issues that may have been bypassed before. We thoroughly examine every stain and decide the proper course of action from there. We encourage our clients to give us the low-down on any stain, how it was acquired and such, in order to take the proper precautions with our cleaning solvents and avoid any further damage.

We make it a point to restore your garments to their best possible state, no matter how embedded the stain is. After the dry cleaning process has been completed, we take measures to alter any of the issues we’d found earlier with your item, pressing out wrinkles, and steaming your clothing to perfection as you prepare for your meeting, event, or gathering.

You’ll be back out there on the go in a timely fashion, looking and feeling your best, with Town & Country. Many of our clients are regular customers who we love to serve, knowing that our knowledge and expertise as their dry cleaner Massapequa produces excellent results that they love, every day. There is nothing sweeter than perfectly fitting, fresh clothing that makes you shine.

If it’s a hectic day, we’ve got you covered on picking up your laundry or dropping it off to you – free! We know life can get crazy sometimes, and Town & Country would like to be one element of your day that provides zero stress to your routine. That being said, we take affordability into account as well, providing amazing deals for all of your dry cleaner Massapequa needs.

Make your appointment with our professionals now! Town & Country is conveniently located on Merrick Rd. in Massapequa, proudly serving Nassau County. Have any further inquiries about our services or current dry cleaning deals? Give us a call or check out our user-friendly website today. 516-308-3665. https://www.welovedrycleaning.com/

Our hours of operation have temporarily changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please make sure to view the top of our website for updates!