Dry Cleaner North Massapequa

Dry Cleaning North Massapequa

Clearly, you have stumbled upon this article in search of a dry cleaner North Massapequa. You may be a consistent dry cleaning customer, or perhaps you’re looking for more information on a certain article of clothing, to figure out if it is worth getting dry cleaned.

At Town & Country, we want to make your life simpler by supplying some information on which fabrics you should pursue getting dry cleaned!

First, read the clothing label. Items with tags that read “dry clean only” should certainly go to a professional dry cleaner, such as Town & Country in Massapequa. Machine or hand-washing such fabrics on your own may cause damage to your garment, its’ color, or fit.

A care label that says “dry clean” means that dry cleaning is recommended, though you might be able to wash the garment at home. Before you decide on washing the item, check that the fabric is colorfast. Dab a little water on an ordinary spot. If any dye comes off, take it to be dry-cleaned! The color is likely to run and damage your item, as well as possibly other articles of clothing in your closet or wash.

Clothing that is lined (such as jackets or coats), pleated skirts, and garments made of fabric that shrinks or is not colorfast should always be professionally cleaned! A professional cleaning will help maintain the correct garment shape and fit that is unique to you. Our team of cleaners have the tools and techniques suited to the varying requirements of lined and pleated garments and are handle all sorts of specific fabric care needs.

It is crucial that suede and leather also should be dry-cleaned. Their special fibers, textures, and shaping are not meant for home-care. If you have any special items with fringe, tassles, or detailing of any kind, leave your dry cleaning to us! At Town & Country, we are a skilled team dry cleaner North Massapequa who would like to assist you in all of your dry cleaning needs, including your work and special event-related garments.

When to Dry-Clean

Stained clothes should be taken to the dry cleaner as soon as possible to avoid setting stains and odors. Though we at Town & Country are confident we can tackle any stain, that is still a necessary precaution to take, especially in a time-sensitive situation.

Dry cleaning in moderation will help lengthen the life of your garments. Wool sweaters and skirts can be worn up to six times before needing to have them dry cleaned, and a wool suit should be cleaned once or twice a year, at most, to avoid any damage.

We encourage our customers to prepare for their dry cleaning session – clearing out all pockets, identifying any wear and tear that we may need to alter, etc. Prepare a list of stain origins if you can! Doing so always helps your dry cleaner eliminate guesswork when it comes to identifying a stain and deciding on a solvent solution that best suits the situation.

Now that you know the ins and outs of what should be dry cleaned, why not check out our website and see what we’re all about? town & Country proudly serves Nassau County as their favorite dry cleaner North Massapequa! Give us a call today to make an appointment and discuss pick-up and free drop off delivery services! Entrust us with your garments, and we promise to dazzle you.