Dry Cleaner Oceanside

Dry Cleaning Oceanside

When you have a meeting or special occasion coming up, you can’t afford to call your dry cleaner Oceanside and find that your garments have been misplaced, ruined or that they were unable to remove a stain. Head to the dry cleaning specialists at Town & Country! Proudly serving all of Nassau County, dry cleaning is our specialty and something that we take very seriously. Read on to learn a little bit more about what we do!

Our cleaning process is thorough at Town & Country, as we first examine your clothing to make sure there are no rips, tears, loose or broken buttons, or items in your pockets. If there is anything to find, we will make note of that and address the situation, repairing any mishaps before your items are returned to you.

Along with our meticulous pre-cleaning ritual, we also make sure to tag your items accordingly so you’ll never have to worry about your fabrics turning up missing or being passed off to another customer by mistake. Organization is the first step before any inspection of fabrics begins.

If you’re worried about embedded stains on your clothing or linens, our skilled staff has an array of tools and techniques to ensure that your garments come back spotless. We simply ask that if you know the origin of how the stain was acquired, let us know – so we can pick the perfect solvent solution to assist in the stain removal process.

After your clothing has gone through an intense cleaning process, we take it upon ourselves to press out any wrinkles, steam and fold/hang your items, bagging them up for safekeeping to avoid any stains or friction. When you put your trust in our hands at Town & Country, we deliver – every time.

Speaking of delivery, we know that life can get stressful and busy. If you’re unable to drop off and pick up your garments, we would be glad to do that, at no cost to you. We at Town & Country want to make your busy schedule run smoother and assist you in a way that’s beneficial to your lifestyle!

If your clothing needs any alterations, let us know! We’d be happy to fix any wear and tear you’ve been experiencing too. We value our customers and the relationships we form with them, greatly, always striving to make a quick and speedy yet efficient and precise dry cleaner Oceanside experience our main goal, so that you can get back out there in your best threads.

Check out our website if you have any inquiries, or give us a call at one of our convenient locations! We can answer all of your questions about different fabric types, cleaning processes, alteration requests, and keep clear communication with you about when your garments are ready to be picked up. Ask us about our free pick-up and delivery options now! For the best dry cleaner Oceanside can offer, visit Town & Country today.


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