Dry Cleaner Long Beach

Dry Cleaner Long Beach

If you are searching for the best dry cleaner Long Beach can offer you, Town & Country is the place to entrust with your linens and clothing garments. When we dry clean your items, we take special care of your garments in a way that really says a lot about Town & Country.

Along with orderly methods of keeping your fabrics in-tact and accessible, we make it a point to tell you that we can deal with any stain that is troubling you. Give us a bit of backstory, and we will produce the proper solvent solution that restores your household items entirely.

We service all kinds of delicate fabrics that you cannot afford to put in harms way! Whether you have a special occasion coming up and would like a freshly cleaned and pressed outfit in time for the event, or have a meeting at the office that requires your full attention at the time of pick up, our staff will gladly provide free laundry pick-up and drop-off at a location of your choosing, by request!

From bedding/comforters and linens, to silk, velvet, wool, leather, suits, dresses, shirts, towels, denim, and more – we do it all at Town & Country. The communication we keep with our clients is stellar – clear and to the point, getting you back out there in your best attire.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the best dry cleaner Long Beach and alteration experience in Nassau County! Our values are kindness, consideration, timeliness, and excellent customer service that is no match for our competitors.

Your clothes and household items are very valuable to you, so we take every measure to handle your garments with particular attention to clean them thoroughly and properly. Our wide array of different tools to break down and remove the stains on your garments allows us to swiftly remove stains without harming the fabric in any way.

​If you don’t have the time to drop off your items, we can handle that for you! We understand everyone has a busy schedule, so we make it easier by offering pickup and delivery services, at your convenience. Our services combine years of experience, knowledge, and modern technologies to ensure customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results and maintain beneficial relationships with our regular clientele.

Our team has the expertise to meticulously clean shirts, sweaters, blazers, and any article of clothing you’d rather not handle yourself. After removing the stains, we choose the right cleaning method for each item to get the best results. If you have garments with unique beading or delicate design, we take extra care and caution!

Spruce up your clothing and household items with our excellent dry cleaning services. Have a question about our dry cleaner Long Beach? Contact us today to discuss your household cleaning needs! Go online or give us a call to inquire about making an appointment with us! Ask about our pick up and delivery services too – they are free to our cherished clients.